Ergonomic Solutions stock a wide range of workstation and computer accessories that help create an ergonomically excellent environment. By ensuring that stress is minimised and your work environment is set up to suit your body. Be it Keyboards and Mice, Footrests, Monitor Arms or Forearm Supports, there are accessories that suit all environments


HÅG Capisco Office chair If you’re into innovation, HÅG Capisco is the office chair for you. Discover a new way to sit, that opens up your hip angle, promotes a forward tilt of the pelvis and...


The moll champion side top, extends the desktop area by 40cm, and can sit mounted on either side of the desk, and at different heights to suit.


The Flex Deck is the multifunctional shelf extension that attaches to the back of the champion desk. It gives 2 additional shelves for folders, books and all other decorations, without adding to...

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