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The Study Desk Configured To Your Ergonomic Needs

The new generation of height adjustable children's desks incorporates the Moll Winner Desk - a clever and functional desk that can be specified in a variety of formats! The Winner Desk retains the key qualities of ergonomic design and quality build associated with Moll. An ergonomic desk for kids and adults alike.


Moll Winner Desk with height adjustment for your child

Winner height adjustable desk

The Moll Winner Desk can be specified with a variety of options and the first choice involves the method of height adjustment.  

The Moll Winner Desk is available with two options for supporting feet and height adjustment. The Classic feet allow height adjustment in 10 stages with a patented hook in mount. The Classic is a simple manual system best suited for occasional height adjustment.

Classic height adjustmentComfort height adjust

The Comfort feet offer synchronous, mechanical height adjustment through a patented Yo-Yo mechanism that is easy to use and can be operated from the sitting position. The Comfort system is ideal when regular height adjustment is required and would enable all members of the family to use the same desk comfortably and at different heights using the simple key control.

The Yo-Yo mechanism can also be removed from the desk to prevent height adjustment..

The Winner desk now comes as standard with the Giant Drawer and for additional storage. You can also choose the 3 drawer pedestal called the Pro unit or the taller Profi container unit with additional shelving.

Winner Giant DrawerPen Holder

 In common with all Moll ergonomic height adjustable desks, a host of useful features are included to ensure flexibilty and practicality for users

  • Pen holder when crossbeam is folded out
  • New slim style with additional legroom
  • Tilting desktop to 20° angle with integrated brake when returning to level
  • Book holder, bag hook and magnetic ruler to retain documents when top is tilted
  • Distinctive colour accents as a consistent design element on crossbeam / feet / handles
  • Desk legs are now finished in a stylish aluminium colour

 Coloured end caps

As with all moll desks, the design elements can be changed as your childs tastes or room décor changes. 6 design elements are included with your winner desk. 

moll – quality made in Germany!

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